How to get Liposuction without anyone knowing?

How to get Liposuction without anyone knowing?

Liposuction, chin lipo, whatever kind of liposuction, it makes us look better, which makes us feel better and ultimately live better. Many patients are eager to remove stubborn body fat, but some are hesitant to let friends and family know they are considering it. Despite telling them there is no shame in wanting to look fabulous, many still only whisper about it.

Shh… Don’t tell anyone

So let us share a story about a client who had a procedure, looked great afterwards, but none of her acquaintances were the wiser. Her approach was not strategic or intentional, rather serendipitously brilliant!

We will refer to her as Kelly for this story so as not to blow her cover. Kelly decided it was time to take control of her life, make herself look better and take some self-improvement classes. Liposuction in tummy area was part of her plan. She was determined to fit comfortable in some of her favorite clothes.

Distracted by Highlights

While she prepared for her liposuction procedure, she also decided it was time for a new hair style. She went to the hair stylist a day before her procedure. Her normally long darkish hair was a cute bob with bright highlights. Can you guess what happened?

When she strolled into work a week later wearing an outfit she could not wear for years, she felt confident. Those stubborn fat rolls had disappeared. Everyone commented on how great she looked. Her new hairstyle made her look new and different. No one realized she had liposuction, only hat she looked fabulous!

Look Fabulous

No one should feel the need to hide what they do, but Kelly discovered a great way to introduce her new self without anyone realizing what happened. We enjoyed her story so much, we had to share.